Intalnire cu micii ciclisti

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Calin le vorbeste pustanilor de la caminul scolii Iosif Pervain despre RideAcross.


Fotografii de la eveniment. Credite foto: MIRCEA SIMU

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Photo credits: MIRCEA SIMU


Bikes are there!

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I found the meaning of life. For tomorrow we will have to adjust pedals and saddles all day. The whole project rocked; now the kids have their 30 bikes. On Friday we’ll have the official celebration with the mayor, the manager of the bicycle factory (DHS), the school director, parents, and some local journalists.

DHS agreed to this beautiful project, Orange also sponsored, however, most of all, our donors and supporters are the ones that made the project rock!!! Without our buddies supporting us and ensuring that that this charity was the good cause or backing-up clear-cut environmental concepts that we put forth(remember ‘green jobs’, ‘alternative transport’, ‘access to environmental education’?) this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you all!


Truck arrives in front of the school

DHS truck gets unloaded

30 bikes inside the dorm


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Tisza was blocked. Heavy showers in Romania. Terrible floods in Romania. All Transylvanian rivers are tributaries to Tisza. Tisza got really bloated. We had to go round 60 extra km! The Puszta, despite being flat, was the hardest part in crossing Europe.


Succes in noul an scolar

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Azi am tinut un discurs despre RideAcross si 2Celsius la scoala Iosif Pervain din Cugir. Elevii de la munte si parintii lor erau plini de gratitudine. Dintr-un discurs de 3 minute, ultimul minut atunci cand am atins problema schimbarilor climatice a produs un cascat instantaneu si general. Insa suna bine cand te lauzi caai facut bike charity si atraversat Europa pe bicicleta. In rest toate bune, asteptam bicicletele de la DHS. Programul trebuie sa continue.


Contract signed !!!!!!

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Yes, we can! Yes, we did it! Yes we mo’ fo’ rock!

Today, at the DHS BIKE FEST in Deva, 2Celsius signed the acquisition contract with the bike producer DHS: 30 bikes will go to the kids in the Cugir highlands! And this is jack compared to what’s gonna come next year – more bikes to more pupils in remote communities! Cycling rules!

And RideAcross goes on!


La Radio

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La sosirea din periplul ciclist european, un tur care a durat 3 saptamani si jumatate si in care am acoperit 2500 km, Radio Atlas ne-a luat un interviu din care am extras un fragment scurt. Multe voci locale, in mod ciudat, gasesc proiectul prin care noi vom da mountain bikes elevilor de la munte usor deplasat si… neprioritar. Marea prioritate ar fi laptopuri pentru copii, spune spargand seminte un nene de bine, proprietar de carciuma. “Ma, nu se merita…” El stie. Noi preferam pedalatul in dauna downloadului de filme porno.


It’s About Any Bike

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“It’s not worth”, many people reply nodding their heads or rolling their eyes after I explain the reasons why children should go to school riding their bikes. These days, Eastern Europeans discovered the static delights of the automobile and they project any idea of transport in relation to the gas-guzzling engine. In our tour, however, we witnessed fantastic communities and people that had a super-friendly approach to riding the bike to school and, moreover, that practice or practiced it constantly.

A Dutch couple in their 60s bragged for hours over how they were riding their bikes to school for 12 years. The lady, a beautiful, positive and open-minded person, could barely count on her hands the days she didn’t use the bike to go to school while she was a pupil in small town in Holland. And it was 30 km every day on flat terrain.

In many Bavarian and Austrian towns I encountered hundreds of little students that were calmly pedalling on their way to classes or back home. And this time the terrain wasn’t flat at all, on the contrary, it was shaped by beautiful forested hills. The car traffic was rather rare and slow, but please note that these communities are not lost somewhere in the Bavarian Alps but on main roads downstream Danube.

And finally, as I wanted just to browse through Lance Armstrong’s book “It’s Not About the Bike. My Journey Back to Life” I ended up reading it letter by letter devouring it in one day, right after we finished Europe’s crossing. And, as many incognito critics of RideAcross point out that “hey, a laptop might be way more useful for those kids than a bunch of mountain bikes”, I would like to leave aside my passionate environmental arguments and offer them a response by using Lance’s written words on how he got his first bicycle.

“It was a Schwinn Mag Scrambler, which I got when I was about seven. It was an ugly brown, with yellow wheels, but I loved it. Why does any kid love a bike? It’s liberation and independence, your first set of wheels. A bike is freedom to roam, without rules and without adults.”